Amrita-Imroze: Love Unconditional

Amrita Pritam was married at a young age. Married to a cloth merchant in Lahore, her marriage was a loveless one and she moved with her family to Delhi after partition. Once in Delhi, Amrita began working with AIR on a radio programme of Punjabi poetry. She however soon fell head over heels in loveContinue reading “Amrita-Imroze: Love Unconditional”

Idle Cinema Musings #1

Dharmendra- The Story of a “Bhodrolok” who couldn’t be… In 1966, in a what was to become an iconic scene from OP Ralhan’s Phool Aur Patthar, a young strapping Dharmendra took his shirt off to cover a shivering Meena Kumari. It was a defining moment in hindi cinema. A moment when the macho hero wasContinue reading “Idle Cinema Musings #1”