Crimson Surprise

He took out his blue denim shirt from his closet. “I should wear blue. After all I’ve harped on and on to her about how it’s my favourite colour”, he thought aloud. He was getting ready for his date with Lucy as he sprayed his favourite Aramis cologne. “Never old fashioned to smell like a true man”, he smiled as he liked what he saw in the mirror. And putting the Aramis on always reminded him of his father.

He met her at the cafe they always spoke about meeting at. He was excited as it was their first meeting after a whirlwind online courtship. They’d met in a Beatles’ group and from the first day got along great. It seemed to him that she was keen to meet up sooner, but like always, he needed time. The time had to be perfect. He stood up as she entered. She smiled at him, and then hugged him. As they embraced, she took a deep breath. “You smell great”, she whispered in his ears as they sat down. She looked more slender in her appearance than the pictures. Her wavy hair was brown with streaks on them. Her eyes sparkled every time she spoke and her smile reached her eyes almost simultaneously. She was beautiful. Oh so beautiful.

She ordered a garden salad with a salsa-vinaigrette dressing as he opted for the simpler grilled fish and mixed vegetables. They both shared a panna cotta for dessert. “I’ve got to always watch what I eat. My profession is such”, she sighed as she dug into his dessert bowl.

“Let’s go to my place”, he finally said, breaking their silence during their walk on the pier post-dinner. She looked at him lovingly and they kissed. “I’d love to”, she replied, her face buried in his chest as they walked past the pier. The moon cast its silver shadows in the dark waters.

As they entered his basement flat, they kissed passionately. He couldn’t contain his passion any longer. After all it had been 3 months.

6 Hours Later…

He threw the last plastic bag across the lake from the back of his old Renault. “I must change this car now. It’s too old”. He couldn’t risk it breaking down in between. After all the journey from his apartment to the lake was a good 12 miles. He couldn’t take that chance.

He loved slicing them up. He loved to catch them by surprise. In the throes of passion when he would suddenly take the steely silver dagger out and run it across their slender necks. The first sight of fresh blood excited him. Turned him on. And then the best bit was to see that look of unexpected horror in their eyes as their body shuddered in pain, violently shook and ultimately collapsed. All that blood seemed to justify all the sweet sugary things women said. “This is the best end”, he would smirk to himself. And yes red was his favourite colour unlike all the other colours he lied about.

The Next Morning

He shut his account down. It was time to create a new one. From Bungalow Bill he changed his ID to Rocky Racoon. Oh how I love the Beatles. So many names so many characters to choose from, he was pleased with his new nickname.

He took Lucy’s picture which he had shot from his instamatic and opened the shoe box to put it in there. As he flipped through the others he saw Michelle, Lizzy, Mary and Anna amongst them. My lovely Beatle girls, he smiled as he put Lucy along with them. He had seen a Lovely Rita in the Beatles Group. It was time he sent her a friend request.

As he shut the shoe box and slid it under his bed, he sighed. “It’s time I do a quick count”, he thought out aloud. He loved his cold smile in the mirror opposite, as he said this.

Copyright (c) Pratik Majumdar

Published by Patmaj

Hi this is me, Pratik. I love to read, write, listen to music, watch movies, travel and enjoy great food. Like a whole lot of us I guess. Will keep posting my short stories and other writings out here on a regular basis (hopefully) and (hopefully again) all of you will enjoy them writings...

4 thoughts on “Crimson Surprise

  1. Wow ! Brilliant…A neat one…’6 hours later’ was a real surprise…U should try this genre more often, u r really good at it


  2. Bloody brilliant! You’re really good at portraying evil characters. Looking forward to more stories of the thriller/ horror genre.


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